Set of 3 Cute Dog Pencil Topper

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Super Cute Dog Pencil Topper; hole is 0.3 inch or 0.77cm diameter for a nice fit on most pencils.

* Set includes 3 pencil toppers:

-1x Pug

-1x English Bulldog

-1x French Bulldog

* Set of 3 + 3 pencils include all 3 toppers , Pug, English Bulldog and French Bulldog, and 3 Faber-Castell brand new graphite pencils.

They all measure approximately 1.38in H x 1.38in W x 1.38in D; or 3.5cm H x 3.5cm W X 3.5cm D

"This planters have been 3D printed by us using Plant based plastic in New Zealand, it also ships from New Zealand"

"Standard shipping includes tracking number, for Canada and USA we use Priority mail"

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