Little People Planters - Large Versions

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Our Little People Planters aren't that little anymore!


Say hello to our Little People Sitting, Chilling, Crossed Legs and Tummy Large versions.

Now you can use them with bigger planters and even as a sleeve using your existing pots.

We always use the best quality Plant based materials and Industrial grade 3D printers to make the best quality product possible, you will be more than pleased.

This is my own design and product, and you will not find this anywhere else.

It has a draining hole, so just put your plant on it and enjoy!

There are more Little People Planter postures, collect them all!





Sitting: In inches: 7.87 H x 5 L x 4.72 W in  /  In centimeters: 20 H x 12.5 L x 12 W cm

Chilling: In inches: 6.29 H x 5.78 L x 4.92 W in  /  In centimeters: 16 H x 14.7 L x 12.5 W cm

Zen: In inches: 6.29 H x 5.78 L x 4.92 W in  /  In centimeters: 16 H x 14.7 L x 12.5 W cm

Tummy: In inches: 5.59 H x 8.3 L x 4.88 W in  /  In centimeters: 14.2 H x 21.1 L x 12.4 W cm


Inside dimensions: In inches: 3.86 H x 4.21 D in / In centimeters: 8.6 H x 10.7 D cm



"Photo is for size comparison, regular planter is not included"

"These planters have been 3D printed by us using Plant based plastic in New Zealand, it also ships from New Zealand"

"Standard shipping includes tracking number, for Canada and USA we use Priority mail"

"Price is for 1 planter and accessories are not included"

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