Little People Planter - Spread your legs not the virus

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This is a limited edition of our adorable Little People Planters. 


Spread your legs not the virus for a New Zealand free of Covid-19! 


We only use plant-based plastic to make these cute planters, so they’re non-toxic and safe for your plant babies to grow and thrive in!


● Perfect for succulents, cacti, air plants, or small creepers.

● Includes a drain hole and is ready for planting

● Lightweight, durable, and sturdy

● Available in other poses too! Collect them all!

● Designed and 3D printed in New Zealand

● Great gift for gymnast or yoga lovers 

● Price is for 1 planter and they do not include a plant



9.3cm H x 11cm L x 8.8cm W

3.66in H x 4.33in L x 3.46in W


Making of: TikTok