Little People Coffee Time Planter

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These cute Little People Planters Coffee / Tea time will love hanging out on your ledges, shelves, and window sills, basking under the sun and keeping your plants company. The neutral shades and smooth, glossy finish of these beauties allow the lush colours of your plants to stand out, while elegantly blending in with your home decor—you’ll fall in love with how picture-perfect they’ll look!

We only use plant-based plastic to make these cute planters, so they’re non-toxic and safe for your plant babies to grow and thrive in!


● Perfect for succulents, cacti, air plants, or small creepers.

● Includes a drain hole and is ready for planting

● Lightweight, durable, and sturdy

● Available in other poses too! 

● Designed and 3D printed in New Zealand



In inches: 4.72 H x 3.14 W x 3.54 L in

In centimeters: 12 H x 8 W x 9 L cm