About Us

Hi, I’m Ivan, owner and creator of Ivankahl3D

I first got started 3D printing back in 2016 when all I had was one lonely printer and loads of curiosity. I taught myself 3D modeling and 3D printing and mastered them over the years.

With my wife Pamela we started the online shop in 2020 where we sell plants, terrariums and plant accessories in New Zealand and Ivankahl3D where we sell 3d printed and custom made items Worldwide. You can also have a look to my Etsy shop .

I love creating and making new and exclusive designs and selling them all around the world. I get so much positive feedback of how beautiful and unique my creations are.

I really focus on the quality of each item I sell and I only use plant based materials of the best quality.

Please get in touch if any questions!